Actors, artists and other friends of EMILY’s List know that women can stop Trump. In a series of videos, these women share exactly why they’ll be voting against Trump in November.


Women Can Stop Trump

In 2012, women were the majority of voters. If we come together and pledge to stop Donald Trump, we can keep him out of the White House. Erika Alexander, Diane Guerrero, Zoë Kravitz, Amber Tamblyn, Maura Tierney, and Kate Greer know that #WomenCanStopTrump.


Women Can Stop Trump: Cleo and Mia

What do you think the chances are that Donald Trump cares even in the slightest about women’s rights? Not likely. Cleo Wade and Mia Moretti know that #WomenCanStopTrump.


Women Can Stop Trump: Diane Guerrero

Diane Guerrero has experienced firsthand what it is like to be separated from her family because of our unfair immigration system. Today, she is fighting for immigration reform to spare other families the pain hers went through. Donald Trump wouldn’t fight for her family, and he is dangerous for all families.


Women Can Stop Trump: Rose McGowan

Donald Trump constantly makes offensive, degrading comments about women. And yet he thinks he can ask us for our votes? Rose McGowan knows that #WomenCanStopTrump.